Q} What is the eligibility criteria to enrol in the summer school?
A} Students who have completed 10+2 and are currently enrolled in a bachelors/masters/PhD programme in any college are eligible. Students who have graduated with at least a Bachelors degree are also eligible.

Q} Is Bicycles available on rent in campus for short period of time?
A} Yes, cycles for traveling inside campus can be rented from shopping center(Mob. 8687609685 - Shakeel) or Near Hall 9 (Mob. 8874701227).


Q} Will I get a certificate at the end of the course?
A} Yes, you will be certified for all the courses you complete by ACA, Dept of CSE,IIT Kanpur.

Q} When will I get the certificate?
A} Based on performance & attendance the certificates will be given to you at the end of the summer school.


Q} When do we need to report for classes?
A} You need to report to CSE office (IIT Kanpur) on 27th May and collect your id cards before your class begins. If you have requested accommodation, please submit the fee in cash at CSE office (1800 Rs.) and then go to the assigned hall.
Please note that first class will be at 4 pm (27th May) and your accommodation will be arranged from 9 am on 27th May to the morning of 8th June.

Q} What will be the facilities for food?
A} You may have food from hostels in the campus. Approximately it would cost Rs. 135 per day.

About the courses

Q} Are there any pre-requisites for the courses?
A} No

Q} What will be the medium of the course?
A} Medium of all the courses will be English.

Q} Will there be any increase in the number of seats?
A} No.

Q} Can I take multiple modules in the summer school?
A} We will ensure that no two modules lectures clash. So please feel free to register.

Q} What about course sessions?
A} There is only one course session this time, from 27th May to 7th June.

Q} Do I have to bring my own laptop in the class?
A}Yes, it is recommended but not mandatory.

Queries (not answered here) can be emailed to Only for urgent matters, please contact CSE office (0512-2597638) or Shiv (9995896085) or Bhaskar (8237139132).